Friday, March 28, 2008

Head Lines

Busy Body
Making Headlines

A tribute to the new look of Aamir Khan in his forthcoming untitled movie.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

30 days and 30 nights

A month later.... How do I feel? Inspired.

And slowly getting addicted too. Its fascinating to see your body react the way it does when you put him to test. I finished 15 sessions of my training last Saturday. We also did an assessment to gauge my progress. The results were inspiring if anything. I have gained some muscle mass and in the process also lost some body fat and weight. My trainer didn't quite appreciate the weight loss bit and might fine tune my diet to ensure there is more protein intake. But he did acknowledge that my metabolic rate is good which meant the second phase would have to be re-looked.

I like the whole discipline of waking up early and working out in the morning before work. I'm more a morning person and do enjoy pumping some iron before work. Of all the work outs, I enjoy the bench press for chest. It get your adrenaline rushing and sure makes your feel the burn.
Like most others I don't really look forward to the leg exercises. It sure does kills! In fact my last session got my head ringing and we did have to cut short. Perhaps an indication of the intensity for the next 15 and preparation for the same.

The work outs have also complemented the intensity at work. I don't think I have been this focussed in a while this early in the year. My job goals for 2008 have been laid out, there's a road map in place. Its now up to me to progress it at the right pace and this time I am very eager to go the extra mile.

I have one more session before heading to KL with my babie for chinese new year break.
I think the break will do me good to reflect the month that has been and the month ahead.

Here's wishing all a happy chinese new year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Session II- IV : Honeymoon week

Its been a week now of training. Also a week since I got back to work after my seemingly long 3 week break.I'm glad I started my first session a few days before I got back to work.The soreness after the first session being indicative of that. Its been an interesting first week of training.

While one fact was clear - my body ain't strong. the fact thats getting slowly but gradually clearer is that is just could be a matter of time. Like a new video game perhaps. You have to get to the level III to know what level I was actually all about.The week involved working on my chest, shoulders, back, arms and legs on separate sessions.Which one do I enjoy the most? I actually like the chest. Maybe because my arms are not strong enough to feel the burn yet. The week was all about getting the form right. So understandably the weights were lighter. I am getting now used to the breathing pattern. Its great to see how a slight adjustment to a posture can actually get another muscle to start working.

I think the most important piece of advice I got from my trainer is about adrenaline rush
'Its all in the mind'. I have to reach that mind state whereby lifting heavier weights will actually get my adrenaline going. Maybe I'll begin by faking it. I tend to not look at the weights every time he increases it. Maybe because I am a bit apprehensive that I might get intimidated by it. Or maybe I might just end up forcing my body to react rather than the other way around.
The first half is about gaining muscle mass. So it does not involve cardio exercises. I do warm up on the treadmill and cross trainer. I also need to keep my tennis and swimming going.

And last but not the least, my diet. I start off the day with egg whites and protein shake. I am actually enjoying eating a heavy breakfast in the morning. I usually get myself a glass of fresh fruit juice on my way to office. Lunch is a bit challenging - you know I don't want to end up eating the same thing from the same stall every single day. Reminds me of that movie 'Stranger than fiction' :). So juggling between sandwiches, salads and soba at the moment.
Also will meet my babie girl for lunch once a week now that dinner is almost fixed.

Works going to get busy soon and likewise my training.

The honeymoon period is coming to an end .

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Session 1 - Gravity

Started off my morning at 9 am with a soft boiled egg. I actually had to look up the net for the recipe!Anyways it turned out to be fine. Followed it up with a banana and 1/2 cup Gatorade.
I am so accustomed to a cup of filter coffee with full cream. But this morning I had to wake up and only smell my coffee.

Arrived at the gym at 10:30am. Started off with the fitness assessments. It seems my right leg is far more dominant in size than my left leg. Weight was as expected 65 Kgs. Was told my body fat is not bad and the idea is for me to now build muscle around it before shedding the flab. The words 'muscle' and 'fats' were all I registered in my mind then.

After the customary 10 min warm up on thread mill, I began my resistance sessions. The idea for the PT was to understand where my strengths and weaknesses lie in weights training. I was a little flattered by the phrase 'strengths'... because as far as I remember I don't think I have any.

And it showed as we tried lifting a few weights. And then he popped the magic question - 'How many push-ups can u do?' And I had a look on my face that probably gave him the impression I could not make up my mind on the final count... And then I confessed the thinkable and showed him my interpretations of push-ups. He smiled and said - 2 sets of 20 before and after you sleep. It felt like popping pills when you were young and got sick.

A few shoulder presses and pull ups and the whistles. And then the part I was desperately waiting to discuss - my diet. Well I used to big diet guy whenever I had to lose weight. I used to cut my intake of a few sinful indulgences, eat a lot of fruit, etc and the results would show. I mean I can both gain and lose weight easily. He recommended the whey protein shake and the fact that he has been having it for 10 years as a supplement and meal replacement. He asked me what flavor I liked and instantaneously I responded 'Chocolate'. As expected that was indeed the most popular flavor. He even went on to exclaim that it tasted like Milo. And I went 'sure, sure'. I had tried it before when I used to gym but never tried it with low fat peanut butter.
It gave it an extra zing to it like having your omelette's with ketchup.
So a box of protein powder and I went shopping! fortunately the cold storage is right around the corner. I passed one of favorite japanese eating joints -Miharu Ramen and Laurent Chocolate Bar. I had this whole Arnie look on my face when I told myself ' I'll be back.

The shopping list was fixed and I picked up skimmed milk, oat meal, peanut butter, wild honey, strawberries, oranges and Broccoli. I am not sure what I am going to ask Dad to do with the last item.

I decided to take the bus even though I was carrying all these bags. And my play list has this great song 'Gravity' by John Mayer. The lines 'trying to take me down' and 'twice as much is not twice as good' seemed to suddenly make more sense.

And took a nice afternoon nap.

My arms are bit sore - I actually felt the slight soreness as I tried to let Silver out of his cage.
Was contemplating going for a swim in evening but decided against. I will save that for tomorrow, weather permitting.
Oh yes, I need to pick up 'whole grain bread'. I googled it like everything else in life and a swiss bakery in Holland village might have it.

My next session is on Friday 9 am. I am looking forward to it like a child looking forward to his first day at new school.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Looking back while Looking ahead

2007 has been quite a journey for me in all facets of my life - love, friendship, career, family.
I think the key change I have seen in myself is focus and willingness to be patient and relax.
Relaxation complements focus so well. It makes you feel you are on top of things even if there is a cloud of uncertainty.
I have always maintained a love-hate relationship with Love. I was fortunate to have a companion with so much energy and freshness. We traveled a lot together and in a true sense made the year a journey to remember. After a long time, I feel I am in a comfort zone where I can express my feelings with a pace and tone thats best suited to who I am and what I believe in.
It also happened to be the year when I had to let go of someone I dearly valued. It was a tough decision but I had no regrets and will always treasure the memories that will linger with me.

I have always had a differing view of my career and what I can bring to my job and what the job can bring to me. I feel there is a sense of peace, consistency and achievement and most importantly the desire to progress, in the right direction.

The 'Shake & Bake' crew have been a delight. I made new friends and to top it all great friends.
The excitement and exuberance have been simply inspiring! And that is a true reflection of how it has narrowed the gap is between who I am and who I would like to be.

Home Life - I have learned to respect and value the time one gets to spend with a family.
There have been moments I have felt I need to get away but I have gradually learned that you do not need to be away to reach out for something or someone. I need the blessings as always.

I am looking at 2008 as a year where I would like to invest my time and finances wisely.
I am starting the year with an investment into my fitness. Its very reminiscent of what I did 6 years back when I went to on lose 27Kgs in 6 months. The numbers might have changed now but I am banking on the sheer devotion and determination I showed then. I feel it will provide me the discipline I will need to inculcate as I pursue bigger things in life. I will keep a journal of my fitness sessions here to reflect and receive all the inputs and knowledge I can get from all around.

Here is wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Open Waters

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Night | Passing

A night to remember, a night to forget
A night to surrender, A night to reflect

yet a night held no meaning,
no ending, no beginning

but a night was there for a reason
and so was I her chosen

companion and mate

to welcome a morning I would choose to remember
a morning I would want to reflect
a morning with perhaps so much meaning, marking an end and a new beginning

sparking a moment so defining

yet I let go of a night
like any other that went passing.....